A Matter of Serfdom

A town and two dungeons written for Torchbearer
You came to Baron’s Folly to pursue opportunity, but instead found yourself mining flagstone for scrip. Your cruel employers fund an expedition into the mountain looming over the city, seeking to quell rumors of a “guardian of the smallfolk” living at its peak.

Hedge Knights

An iteration of Finality, a Kinks & Crits system
You are a member of an ancient glamour-touched order tasked with defending the brim between the worlds of faerie and men. But when you are finally called on to perform your duty, can you break your ties with the mortal world to fuel your ultimate sacrifice?


A fantasy-noir setting written for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition
You are a member of the Blackguard, a conscripted police force tasked by the Poet-King with getting a new drug off the streets of Byle before the corruption it spreads rots the city from the inside. Each day you must choose whether to abuse the drug’s powers to survive your beat, or to meet unachievable quotas to put food on the table.