Burning Wheel

  • Burning Wheel Bible: A radical abbreviation of the Hub of the Wheel that provides an Apocalypse World-esque moves menu for Burning Wheel.

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

  • Downtime Actions Overhaul: A complete overhaul of the downtime system, including significantly expanded options and simpler systems with which to use them.
  • Gestalt: A take on Gestalt levelling that capitalizes on the power of having twice as many options at your disposal.
  • House Rules: The extensive house rules I use when I DM, which have proved popular with local game groups.
  • Tools Revamped: Provides special subsystems that transform tools from niche, oft-forgotten bonuses into total gamechangers.

Lamentations of the Flame Princess

  • Character Sheet: A character sheet I built from scratch that posits the deuterocanonical Judith as an iteration of the Flame Princess.
  • House Rules: Because what OSR game would be complete without house rules? These particular rules expand the systems utilized in dungeon crawls.

New World of Darkness 1e

  • Angels & Demons: A reworking of the templates from Demon: the Descent into minor templates for Mortals games using the previous edition.
  • Character Sheet: A character sheet I built from scratch that gives a sleek, modern flair to the dots and boxes of the Storyteller system.
  • House Rules: Pillaging Chronicles of Darkness and Mirrors to supplement what I consider to be the best iteration of the game.
  • Merits: In which I condense over 50 pages of Merits into 9 through concise writing, accessible formatting, and the merciless removal of duplicate features and “dead” dots.