3LBB Character Sheet & House Rules

Now that I'm jumping headlong back into original Dungeons & Dragons, I codified my house rules and made my own character sheet. My goal was not to modify the game of all games wholesale, but to give it a certain sleekness I feel it deserves.

Last updated Spring 2018.

Burning Wheel Bible

Learning Burning Wheel – the Swiss watch of roleplaying games – is a daunting task. This reference consolidates the Hub of the Wheel into a menu selectable moves that drive the game forward, providing a unified approach for new and experienced players alike.

Last updated Spring 2018.

World of Darkness Revised Merits

I prefer the New World of Darkness to the Chronicles of Darkness, but appreciate the latter's revised Merits, so I stole them and rewrote them to be compatible with the former, throwing in a formatting overhaul for ease of reference.

Last updated Summer 2017.