• S&M 101: I don’t think you should go home and start flogging someone right after this class, but if you’re going to do it anyway, I’d feel a little bit better if you sat through this class. There will be a pop quiz!
  • Horsin’ Around: On the outside, pony play seems like a simple kink. All you gotta do is pretend to be a horse. But what all can you do within those guidelines? There are hundreds of ways to pony up, from being a piñata to “pin the tail on the pony.”
  • Tack Up! with Superhorse: There’s no wrong way to pony play! Superhorse built his one-of-a-kind tack on a student budget, and now he’s here to show you how to assemble your kit your way, from a few pieces of rope to a full-blown leather outfit.


  • Hitting Things in Dungeons: Forget fading to black! Learn how to implement sexual content in your tabletop roleplaying in ways that aren’t awkward, insensitive, or downright creepy.