Wednesday, September 20, 2017

[CRIT] Trackmarks Character Sheet

I guess this is the official announcement for my first published product under the Kinks & Crits banner, though I’m probably going to push out an official official announcement once I have something tangible to show off. Said product is called Trackmarks, a fantasy-noir setting for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition. Cynicism, fatalism, moral ambiguity… it’s a DMCA notice away from being Blade Runner, except there’s Elves and shit too.
You’ll probably start seeing posts about the world’s history, its races, the city it takes place in, the drug that’s rotting it from the inside, and the conscripted police force tasked with getting it off the streets. All this post is doing is wrenching open the sluice.
When I’m looking at a new system, I always look at the character sheet first. You can learn a lot about a system that way. Trackmarks uses an established setting, but I made changes to the character sheet that reflect a shift in tone and a few tweaks in the mechanics. I’m posting it here so you can get your first taste, so you can get hooked and start coming back for more.

Click the picture to enlarge. Download the PDF here.