Tuesday, September 12, 2017

[CRIT] Burning Wheel Bible Plus

I wrote a one-page reference for The Burning Wheel that consolidates the core of the game (or the Hub of the Wheel, if you will) into a menu of actions you can select from to drive the game forward. It’s perfect for newbies and grognards alike, since it gives everyone at the table a unified approach to the game to work from.
The problem with the whole “one-page” thing is that I posted it as a wall of text on a webpage, which has a pretty low usability factor, and getting it printed out for use at the table would be a major headache. So at the request of some folks who dig my Burning Wheel Bible, I worked my InDesign magic and produced a clean, logically structured version that can be printed on one page. For real this time.
Click the picture below to expand it. Click here to download the PDF!