Wednesday, August 23, 2017

[CRIT] I Lied, Here's Some DCC House Rules

Last Updated 8/23/17



At the end of each session, the Judge – with assistance from the players – bestows titles to the characters based on their performance during the session. Titles could be bestowed for any reason, from carrying a combat encounter to coming up with a funny character detail. The Judge can only bestow one title to each character per session.
Titles can be invoked to provide appropriate status boons. For example, a character with the title “Lord of Bristol” could get into swanky royal parties unquestioned, and a character with the title “Pied Piper” could summon all the rats in the sewers (being that they’re popular amongst rats).
In order to gain a level, a character has to spend a number of titles equal to their current level. Spending a title indicates that the character’s level has advanced them beyond the scope of that petty title.



Initiative modifiers no longer exist, except for bonuses that come from Luck.
Each player rolls a d6. Players who roll 1-3 go after the opposing party. Players who roll 4-6 go before the opposing party.

Skill Checks

Skill checks no longer exist. The two mechanics that relied on them – Thief skills and Occupations – have been modified to accommodate this change.

Thief Skills

When you roll a Thief skill, instead of adding the Thief skill bonus to a d20 roll, instead roll a d20 and attempt to get under the Thief skill bonus. If you do, you use the skill successfully. The die can be sized up or down to reflect difficulty.


You can use your occupation to do the following things. You are encouraged to get creative.
  • Make a living in an area that has appropriate work
  • Know information or invent lore related to your field
  • Access resources that only members of your profession can
  • Perform tasks that only members of your profession can